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The “Publishers Making a Profit by Making a Difference” conference focused on corporate social responsibility and cause marketing efforts to “do well by doing good.” StreamSource live streamed the event to Facebook, produced 4 hours post-event content, and more…(Read More)

ONIX for Books


Critical to effective bookselling (paper and electronic) is metadata. Without it you can’t find anything. In a training session teaches the essentials of producing, managing, and disseminating book metadata. StreamSource documented and helped make the training available to a wider audience…(Read More)

The Global Kids Connect Conference, presented by Publisher Weekly and Children’s Book Fair in New York City on December 2, 2015, was a convergence of innovative minds focused on children’s book publishing. StreamSource produced 11 hours of live streamed sessions over two days and two venues…(Read More)

IFP’s Independent Film Week is a one-of-a-kind event that brings the international film and media community to New York City to celebrate diversity in storytelling, advocate for the most exciting new work being produced and introduce new voices on the independent scene. StreamSource documented the 35 presentations made at the conference…(Read More)

Publishers Weekly’s Jim Milliot and a panel of publishing experts for a lively discussion about the audiobook market. StreamSource was tasked with providing short social shareable promos for the event, a live stream of the audio, and document the event for a pay-per-view video release the next day…(Read More)

In an ongoing project, StreamSource is documenting the many and various presentation given at The Made in NY Media Center by IFP. This includes mult-camera live streams to audio recordings enhanced by visuals…(Read More)

The Made in NY Media Center by IFP recently presented the third edition of its biannual Demo Day. StreamSource was tasked with covering this fast paced event by distributing a closed circuit live stream…(Read More)

Screen Forward Conversations is a source for intel and inspiration on writing in the digital era. Discussions on features and television as well as web content and games, are accompanied by collaborative writing exercises. StreamSource was tasked to live stream the day-long event and create post-event pay-per-view content…(Read More)

Branding your business with a focused and clear point of view is more important today than ever before. Making sure that each consumer touchpoint for your brand is working in concert is equally important. StreamSource was tasked with documenting this presentation is a space that wasn’t “video friendly…(Read More)